Omicron Variant Alert: People panic due to new strain BA.2 of Omicron, know how dangerous it is

Coronavirus in India: Many countries of the world including India are facing the problem of Omicron. Meanwhile, Omichrome’s new sub-variant BA.2 has put people in trouble. One after the other new variants of Corona have infected crores of people in the country, then lakhs of people have lost their lives. So far more than 530 samples of this sub-variant have been found in India.

Actually, this new variant of Omicron had caught people in Britain, but now after the number of cases in India, it has brought a new challenge. This is being said to be the fastest spreading variant of Omicron. More than 426 cases of Omicron’s BA.2 variant have been confirmed in the UK so far.

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According to the information, it has been confirmed in about 40 countries of the world. There is an atmosphere of fear among the people regarding this matter. However, it is not yet confirmed whether it is more dangerous than Omicron or less. Its highest number of 146 cases were registered in London. Its first case was registered on 6 December 2021.

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According to UKHSA, this variant is spreading much faster than Omicron. More cases of BA.2 have also been reported in Denmark. Danish researchers have expressed concern that this new variant could lead to two different peaks of the Omicron epidemic. Scientists are increasingly monitoring the new sub-variant of Omicron.

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