On his birthday, Ali Goni asked for such a gift from Rahul Vaidya, Rahul said – Disha will not allow

When man’s birthday, how could Rahul Vaidya live without making him special? Yes, today i.e. February 25 is Ali Goni’s birthday and Rahul Vaidya made this occasion extra special. Rahul took time off from his busy schedule for his brother and Zigari Yar Ali Goni and held a live session on Instagram.

During the live, he invited Ali Goni and also sang the song. Both of them got emotional seeing each other. Rahul told during live that he had also wished Ali at night, but at the time he had not picked up the phone, he was probably busy. After this, Ali Goni was seen pulling Rahul and said what is the secret of the glow on his face.

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Later he asked Rahul to quickly make him a chouchu. On this, Rahul laughs and says, “Even if I quickly make Chachu, direction will not be allowed. During the live session, Ali told that he would return to Mumbai in the first week of March and then have a bang party with Rahul. He is currently in Jammu for a shoot.

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Rahul Vaidya and Ali Goni were befriended in ‘Bigg Boss 14’. His bond was well-liked in the show and exemplified the friendship. Many felt that their friendship was only for the show, but Rahul and Ali proved that they are each other’s brothers. Their pair was also named as ‘Jai Veeru Ki Jodi’ and ‘Raly’ by the fans.


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