On Mars, Perseverance explores a giant lake subjected to strong floods

STORY – Landed in February near the Jezero crater, the NASA rover delivers its first results.

Arrived on Mars in February 2021, the Perseverance rover delivers its first results. First information, and not the least, provided by an article published in the journal Science : the site chosen for the Perseverance landing was the correct one.

It doesn’t sound like much, but the information is essential because the Jezero crater, located in the northern hemisphere of the Red Planet, was chosen because scientists suspected it to have housed a lake. Good news: 3.6 billion years ago, Jezero was home to a vast body of water 35 km in diameter and several tens of meters deep. “It has happened in the past that we send probes to sites that we thought were important, and that once there we realize that there had never been water, explains Nicolas Mangold, geologist at the Nantes planetology and geodynamics laboratory (CNRS / University of Nantes) and first author of the publication. In 2004, the site chosen for the

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