On Propose Day, speak your heart like this, this valentine you will get ‘his’ support

Happy Propose Day 2022: If you have been hiding the matter of your heart for a long time, then on Propose Day, express your feelings with your love. It is equally difficult to tell the matter to him. We are with you to make this nerve-wracking task easy. Here we have brought some special tips for you, through which you can reach the condition of your heart to your love.

put your feelings into words

True in the matter of love, but even today the video and internet are backward somewhere, so it is a matter related to your love proposal. Even today, when you write the feelings of your heart and convey it to your partner, it has a different effect. So by writing a letter, making the right card or writing a small note in a ready-made card, you can tell him about your heart. Believe me, this card is going to be with them for lifetime.

make and send video

If you are hesitant to send the card to your love or are unable to deliver the card for any reason, then you can send a video by saying your mind and proposing for a relationship or marriage. You should not drag this video too long, but whatever you say, your love, your emotions and your care should be seen in it. Your love will definitely like this method.

take advantage of this service

Avail courier service when the card and video method is not your favourite. Say your heart out in a note with a beautiful bouquet and gift and in the last write that you are waiting for their reply… To make your event special, you can also write how you want them to respond. Huh. That is, you are waiting for their phone call or message.

plan a dinner date

If you want, you can invite your dream partner on a dinner date. For this, choose a place where he does not have any problem in coming and he feels completely comfortable. After dinner, speak your heart. Your method should be very gentle and gentle. Propose to your partner by sitting on the knees and extending one hand forward. An open roof restaurant or terrace garden is a great place for this work.

keep this list ready

Propose Day i.e. on February 8, while proposing to your dream partner, keep a plan ready for the next 6 days. So that this Valentine’s Day you can celebrate with your love. When your partner or your partner accepts the proposal, then book their time with them for all the next days, tell them that they have to make time for you this whole week. Then you keep making them feel your love with some surprise.


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