On the birthday of Shri Krishna, send this special message, Wishes, Status on WhatsApp

Happy Janmashtami Quotes: His devotees are eagerly waiting for Bal Gopal’s birthday. One day is left for Shri Krishna’s birthday and there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people about Janmashtami all around. On August 30, the birthday of Shri Krishna will be celebrated with great pomp across the country. On this happy occasion, people make their children Kanha at home. Dahi Handi program is organized on Krishna Janmashtami including many parts of Maharashtra. Not only this, they congratulate each other on Kanha’s birthday.

Kanha’s child pastimes are being described in a very beautiful way in congratulations and best wishes. This Janmashtami you also send these special messages, messages and congratulations to your loved ones filled with devotion and love… (wishes, meassages, whats app messages, janmashtami quotes)

Radha’s devotion, the sweetness of the murli
The taste of butter and the taste of gopis,
Come let’s all make the day of Janmashtami special
Wishing you a very Happy Sri Krishna Janmashtami…

Makhan thief Nand Kishore, who tied love’s string
Hare Krishna Hare Murari, worshiped by the whole world,
Come sing their praises, let’s all celebrate Janmashtami together
Happy Janmashtami 2021

Happiness and joy are spread all around, long live Nandlal
Anand’s fear of Nand, Jai Kanhiya Lal’s…
krishna birthday wishes

He resides in every particle
Those who create raas with the gopis,
Devaki-Yashoda whose love
Such is our Kishan Kanhaiya,
Many congratulations on Janmashtami 2021…

May the feet of Shri Krishna come to your home
You light the lamp of happiness,
trouble steals your eyes
Happy Janmashtami…

bow your eyes and bow down
bow your head and bow down
Where do I get such a look?
I want to remember you
then you have a vision
Happy Janmashtami 2021

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