On Twitch, Jean Castex reaffirms his confidence in the AstraZeneca vaccine

It was a first on the form, but the substance remained classic. The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, was invited Sunday March 14 for an interview by Samuel Étienne, host of France Television and star of Twitch, the streaming platform. Directly questioned by listeners for an hour and a half, the head of government addressed the saturation of hospitals in Île-de-France, the criticisms leveled at AstraZeneca’s anti-Covid-19 vaccine or therapeutic cannabis.

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In the capital region, “The situation is worrying and we do not hide it”, noted the Prime Minister. But he hammered that if a confinement “Is not excluded”, “We must use all the weapons at our disposal to avoid it”. Because, with the approach of the anniversary date of the first national confinement, the French “Are fed up”, underlined the head of government.

“Confidence” in AstraZeneca’s vaccine

Jean Castex also felt that it was necessary to have ” trust “ in the AstraZeneca vaccine and repeated that it could decide on a new containment if ” necessary “. “At this stage, we must have confidence in this vaccine and be vaccinated, I say it in the most solemn way, otherwise we will have delays in the vaccination, the French will be less protected and the health crisis will last a long time”, replied the head of government about doubts about the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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“We did not suspend because we do not have, on the contrary, elements which lead us in France to suspend this vaccination”, he argued. Denmark, Iceland and Norway suspended the injection of the vaccine on Thursday, March 11, after the rise in bleeding disorders. Ireland did the same on Sunday.

No rejection of the European health passport

Regarding “Green passport” wanted by the European Union, Jean Castex said that France was bringing “All his contribution” to the European Commission, which aims to bring this health certificate into service to facilitate travel within the EU before the summer holidays. But, he added, “All the same, we have to give ourselves all the guarantees of health security, as well as ethical guarantees. We must not discriminate, from a passport “, he stressed.

France has so far been reluctant to this type of vaccine passport, believing that it was too early when only a minority of people have access to the vaccine.

Recreational cannabis, a “bad idea”

Finally, Jean Castex estimated that the legalization in France of cannabis says “Recreational” claimed by some, including within LREM, was a “False good idea”. “Personally, I am not in favor of it. As mayor, I have seen too much damage that this causes. So, again, health first. There you go, so I think it’s a bad idea ”, he said.

Released by a listener question asking why there is a different treatment for alcohol and tobacco, he replied: “I still think that there are differences between the two which justifies this inequality of treatment”. For alcohol and tobacco, there is “Regular warning messages on their use” as “Alcohol abuse is bad for your health”, “Tobacco kills” on cigarette packs, he argued. For him, we can’t say “I have the right to drive at 180 km / h because I saw someone who passed me to 200”, he continued.


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