One to two doctors are missing in each intensive care unit in France

EXCLUSIVE – The funded but unfilled positions oblige the resuscitators to work very intensively even outside the health crisis. Too few interns are trained each year, say the professionals.

Does France lack resuscitators? Rarely will the issue have been brought to light as during the Covid-19 pandemic. But “It is extremely important to get back to the bottom of the problem”, launches Professor Nicolas de Prost, resuscitator at Henri-Mondor hospital (Créteil) and spokesperson for the National Professional Council for Intensive Resuscitation Medicine. Because for these professionals, the observation is clear: even outside the pandemic, the medical resuscitation services suffer from a lack of staff, and the situation will get worse if nothing is done quickly.

To be convinced of this, the College of Teachers of Intensive Resuscitation Medicine interviewed 242 of the 299 resuscitation services in France for its report (excluding surgical and pediatric resuscitation).

Their observation: “13% of services operate with some of their beds closed“And”more than one in two departments has at least one vacant medical post», Positions financed but which do not find takers; the

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