# OnYouAnswer: Certificates, curfews, businesses … Our answers to your 14 questions on reducing containment

“A course, a timetable and perspectives.” Emmanuel Macron greeted, Tuesday, November 24, “a slow decline” of the Covid-19 epidemic, and presented the modalities of reducing containment. Of new measures will enter into force according to a in three stages: November 28, December 15 and January 20.

Thus, small businesses will be authorized to reopen on Saturday. The confinement can then be lifted in mid-December, “if the health objectives are achieved”, temporized Emmanuel Macron. The reopening of restaurants and sports halls will not take place before January 20. The Prime Minister, Jean Castex, must clarify these announcements, during a press conference, Thursday, November 26, at 11 am. In the meantime, we have tried to answer as many questions as possible in the franceinfo live with the hashtag # OnYouReply.

1“Will the travel certificate change to be able to go to the shops from Saturday?”

It is very probable. All the more so as the current certificates, downloadable from our site, mention the possibility of walking or practicing a sporting activity within a radius of one kilometer around his place of confinement, and for a period of one hour. However, these limitations will increase to 20 kilometers and three hours from Saturday. The certificates will therefore certainly evolve to take these changes into account.

2“From Saturday, will there be a maximum time and / or a maximum distance to go shopping?”

As is already the case now, you will be able to continue shopping, without any kilometer or duration restriction, as long as you do not go to a store located in another region, and on condition that you have a certificate. Only outings for walks or the practice of a sporting activity are restricted to one hour, within a radius of one kilometer around your place of confinement. From Saturday, the authorized duration for these outings will drop to three hours, within a radius of 20 kilometers.

3“From December 15, how will people who start work before 7 am, so during the curfew?”

Emmanuel Macron did not detail the terms of the curfew which should be reinstated on December 15, from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., if the sanitary conditions allow the lifting of the confinement. But, if we refer to the first confinement, put in place in October, some exemptions were then possible, in particular to go to your place of work. This point may be clarified on Thursday morning by the government, but everything suggests that there will be no problem with your business trips.

4“What about the curfew for the evening of December 25?”

The curfew planned from December 15, if sanitary conditions allow the lifting of confinement, will not apply either on Christmas Eve, December 24, or New Year’s Day, December 31, “to share these moments with the family”, announced Emmanuel Macron. On the other hand, no exception is planned, for the moment, for the evening of December 25, or for January 1. If you go to relatives on Christmas Day, it will obviously be necessary to ensure that the meal does not go on forever.

5“Is it possible to celebrate the New Year abroad during the weekend?”

Emmanuel Macron did not mention the issue of borders in his speech on Tuesday evening. When the confinement was announced on October 28, the head of state indicated that “with some exceptions, the external borders [à l’espace européen] will remain closed “. Otherwise, “our internal borders to the European area will remain open”, had then added Emmanuel Macron. But in fact, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recalls that “continue to limit movement is necessary”. In addition, during a confinement period, your journey between your home and the airport must meet one of the reasons listed on the certificates. For now, it is impossible to say what will happen after the lifting of the containment, which should take place on December 15.

In any case, if you plan to travel abroad, consider visiting the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, diplomatie.gouv.fr, to find out about the conditions for entering the country concerned. Some countries have closed their borders completely. Others impose compliance with certain health rules on arrival (test, quarantine, etc.). You can also consult the map drawn up by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, which gives an overview of the health situation in Europe.

6“What about the driving schools? Will they reopen on Saturday?”

The date for the reopening of driving schools has not yet been set, and will be decided in the coming hours, explained Wednesday morning, the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, on France Inter. “The earliest would be best”, and an opening from Saturday is not excluded, he assured. The press conference of the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, Thursday, at 11 am, should make it possible to see more clearly on this subject. As a reminder, driving lessons are currently suspended, but passing the license exam remains possible.

7“Do you know if it will be possible to make property visits from Saturday?”

It is very likely that the possibility of making visits is conditional on the reopening or not of the real estate agencies. However, as for driving schools, this question must be decided Wednesday, said Bruno Le Maire, on France Inter. Uopening on Saturday is not excluded, he assured. Once again, Jean Castex’s press conference on Thursday should provide details on the businesses and services authorized to reopen from Saturday.

8“Will we be able to go to his hairdresser on November 28?”

Hairdressing salons are part of the shops and services that can reopen from Saturday. But your hairdresser will have to welcome you “within the framework of a strict health protocol, which was negotiated with all the professionals” , explained Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday evening. This protocol must be validated Wednesday by the High Council of Public Health.

A tightening of the gauge limiting the number of customers present in a store is being studied, to one person for 8 square meters, against 4 square meters so far. The President of the National Union of Hairdressing Companies (Unec), Christophe Doré, fears that this restricted gauge will lead to a 40% drop in turnover for exhibitions.

9“Can you confirm the information that says that for Christmas the ski resorts will not be able to open?”

Emmanuel Macron has indeed announced that he is “impossible to envisage an opening for the holidays” ski resorts. Consultation is underway between the government and professionals in the sector. It is “much preferable to favor a reopening in January under good conditions”, according to the Head of State, who also added that this decision would be coordinated “with our European neighbors”.

We are dismayed, we do not understand “, reacted, Tuesday evening, on franceinfo Jean-Luc Boch, President of the National Association of Mountain Resort Mayors (ANMSM), who reminds us that the end of year holiday period represents “between 20 and 25% of turnover” des stations.

10“Does the gauge for the celebration of weddings change from Saturday?”

Currently, weddings at the town hall and in places of worship remain authorized, but within the limit of six people present. From Saturday, religious services in places of worship will be authorized again, but with a maximum of 30 people. Emmanuel Macron did not specify whether this measure concerned the celebration of marriages in places of worship.

In addition, the president indicated that, for the next few weeks, more “renounce private meetings” and “to family gatherings”, which seems de facto to close the door to large gatherings of friends and family to celebrate weddings, in the immediate future. “Festive events in the rooms for rent” will remain banned after December 15, the head of state also said.

11“Deconfinement is announced on December 15. Does that mean the elimination of health protocols at school, in particular the end of wearing masks in primary school?”

The evolution of health protocols in schools, including primary, was not mentioned by Emmanuel Macron, during his speech. However, it is unlikely that they will disappear with the lifting of containment, scheduled, in theory, for December 15. Several protocols have followed one another in schools since the deconfinement, on May 11, depending on the evolution of the health situation. The latest was put in place at the end of October, for the entry into force of confinement.

A pure and simple disappearance, overnight, of the health protocol in schools is unlikely, but it will certainly be adapted as the health situation evolves. Nothing seems to indicate, for the moment, that the obligation to wear a mask at school for children from 6 years old will be lifted soon.

12“Have universities and students been forgotten a bit?”

Emmanuel Macron mentioned universities in his speech. They should resume classes in the presence “of all students”in early February, announced the Head of State. Either two weeks after the resumption of face-to-face lessons in high schools, scheduled for January 20, “if the health objectives are achieved”.

In terms of financial aid, the Head of State indicated that 150 euros will be paid at the end of the week to scholarship students. This aid will also be received by the beneficiaries of the RSA and the specific solidarity allowance, and to young people under 25 who are not students receiving APL. One hundred euros per child will be paid in addition for families benefiting from APL. “In total, 4 million families and 1,300,000 young people will be helped”, according to Emmanuel Macron.

13“Will telework be maintained at 100% until January 1?”

Emmanuel Macron simply said that after Saturday, it would still be necessary “telework when possible. But he did not specify whether this rule will be maintained after the theoretical lifting of the confinement, on December 15. The modalities of teleworking may be specified by the government on Thursday morning.

The president of Medef, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, indicated on BFMTV, Wednesday morning, that Jean Castex asked the social partners “to think about a second phase of telework for the beginning of the year which is not 100% telework”. This therefore seems to exclude any change before January 1.

14“The nightclubs have been closed since mid-March. Do you have any details on leaving their confinement?”

Emmanuel Macron simply indicated that nightclubs will not be able to reopen their doors during the second stage of deconfinement, scheduled between December 15 and January 20. On the other hand, the Head of State did not specify whether a reopening of these night establishments is possible during the third stage of deconfinement, which must open after January 20.

Regarding support measures, discos, like all establishments that will remain closed administratively, “regardless of their size, will receive 20% of their turnover for the year 2019 if this option is preferable for them to the 10,000 euros of the solidarity fund”, also clarified Emmanuel Macron.In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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