Oral Care: If you are troubled by bad breath, then these easy, natural tips to remove

Bad breath is actually a bad smell coming from the mouth. Although, it can make people uncomfortable, but it should also be noted that the marked condition of many people is also the main reason for this. Bad breath is directly related to your personality. No matter how expensive you wear clothes, if your mouth smells bad, then your effect can be negative.

Nobody likes to sit and talk with you when the smell comes from the mouth. In such a situation, you always feel embarrassed. By the way, your food and some diseases are also responsible for this. But this situation is not the cause of much trouble. According to dietician Archana Batra, “There are many natural ways to get rid of this common problem.” He has suggested some easy remedies to fight bad breath.

Pineapple juice
Pineapple juice can help to cure the breath in a fast and effective manner. You can either drink a glass of pineapple juice or eat a few pieces of fresh pineapple for the freshness of smelly breath.

Cinnamon is a common fragrance found in chewing gum and can actually help when treating mouth odor. The easiest way is to suck a cinnamon stick. Cinnamon can prevent the growth of bad bacteria caused by smelly breath due to being anti-septic ie rot destroyer. If you do not have cinnamon wood, then you can mix about half teaspoon cinnamon powder, one teaspoon honey and a little lemon juice together with hot water. Once the water has cooled down a bit, you can rinse your mouth with this mixture.

plain water
Bad breath can be caused by bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, one way is to get the bacteria out of the mouth. Rinse your mouth with plain water can be helpful in refreshing your breath. Needless to say that dry mouth can also cause bad breath smell. Therefore, keep your mouth hydrated by drinking enough water.

In yogurt such bacteria are found which are able to control bad breath. Make sure that yogurt should be taken daily after lunch. It is helpful in reducing the amount of odor coming from the mouth. Yogurt can fight a battle with hydrogen sulfide which is the main responsible for the stench of the mouth.

Its seeds are more beneficial than basil leaves, it is effective in warding off many diseases.

Fruit chaat is the favorite food of Iftar in Ramadan, but avoid these fruits

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