Orthodontics: a surgical operation is sometimes essential

Moving teeth cannot solve bone problems, which is why orthodontics sometimes has to be combined with maxillofacial surgery. Explanations of Dr David Couchat, orthodontist in Marseille.

LE FIGARO. – In which cases is it necessary to resort to surgery?

Dr David COUCHAT. – Surgery is necessary in case of antero-posterior or vertical shifts, either because it is necessary to lengthen a jaw or, on the contrary, to shorten it. Sometimes the surgeon must act on both. One may also need to widen the upper jaw if it is too narrow due to lack of development in childhood.

When to operate?

Surgical techniques are based on the progress of technical platforms, which make it possible to see both the axis of the teeth and their roots in the bone, to make digital impressions with great precision of the bite and to software for helps move teeth. What better to understand the optimal time to operate.

Depending on the case, surgery can be done before orthodontics (to widen a very narrow palate for example or to put the jaws back in front of each other) or during treatment, once the dental arches have …

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