“Orthorexia”: when healthy eating becomes an obsession

OUR HEALTH ADVICE – The quest for food purity can become sickly. It is often based on an ignorance of nutrition.

Worrying about what’s on your plate to stay healthy is healthy behavior, and even encouraged. But for some, the search for a healthy and balanced diet turns into an obsession. To describe for the first time this quest for food purity, the American physician Steven Bratman coined the term “orthorexia”, a portmanteau word derived from the Greek terms “orthos” (“right”) and “orexia” (“appetite”) , or literally the “eat right”.

People with orthorexia follow a very strict diet and adopt a dichotomous view of diet. On the one hand, there is what is good – organic, seasonal products, unrefined foods, steaming – and on the other side the toxic – industrial dishes, fat, sugar … It there is no place for the burger with fries, or a good chocolate eclair. And even less, both on the same day! And if they break their rules or allow themselves “a deviation”, they do everything to

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