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“I read L’Hebdo in my bath on Saturday morning, sure to take the time to savor it and not to be disturbed to discover your articles, those which tempt me from the reading of the title or those which surprise me and which I do not not expecting me. You are doing something beautiful and good. A big thank-you. “

Helen L

The challenge of the week

Let all your Lyon friends know about the conversation with their mayor in this issue. Whether they run to their newsagent, many copies will be available in Lyon. And the number can also be found on la-croix.com/collection-hebdo

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Round table

Laurent Larcher, journalist in the world service of La Croix, will host a round table on Wednesday December 9 at 6.30 pm on “The role of Catholics in the rescue of Jews in France”, in the presence of Serge Klarsfeld and Jacques Semelin, two specialists. Watch it live on the Collège des Bernardins website, Facebook page and YouTube channel.


“I’m grateful that I’m still alive and at the same time terrified that I still am. “ This apparent paradox, Frédéric Boyer shares in his latest book, which collects his chronicles for The cross, and live from the Maison de la poésie, Tuesday, December 15 at 8:15 p.m. More information on maisondelapoesieparis.com

The playlist

To help you choose among the gifts offered in this issue, the playlist of the week is devoted to these pages. As usual, you can find it on Spotify.

The words of the weekly


The BAT (pronounced “BAT” or “bat”) is the “proof”, in other words the last version of a page, the one that will not be modified before being sent to the printer. Each week, it is the editorial director or editor-in-chief of L’Hebdo who is responsible for “beating” each page, generally by signing a printed copy (the “morasse”) after having reread it and checked one last time.

Catching up

Did you like this issue and want to read previous issues? Go to la-croix.com/collection-hebdo


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