Our test of the Peugeot 308 plug-in hybrid: a sedan at the cleat

You don’t change a winning number. For more than ten years, Peugeot’s compact sedan has been called 308, an exception for the French brand which changes number (306, 307 ..) with each model

. Today, under the rainy sky and on the winding roads around Cannes, we are trying the third generation. Not just any model: the plug-in hybrid.

It is chilly this morning on the Côte d’Azur. So we rush inside without taking the time to observe the line of the builder’s last baby. It will be for later. First good surprise on board, the seat is particularly comfortable. When you are sensitive to the back (who is not?), It is a hell of a plus. The gear lever is easy to reach, an ergonomic advantage which also spares the back by avoiding contractures. We spend enough time in our car, to be vigilant about the posture.

Zero driving, a survival manual for those who panic at the wheel

I-cockpit and small steering wheel

Interior of the new Peugeot 308

Interior of the new Peugeot 308 Let’s go ! The electric motor allows us to slide without noise or emissions in the small streets of Cannes. We appreciate the walkers too. For this model ofplug-in hybrid

, Peugeot announces a range of 60 km, which seems realistic. The reinforced frame gives an impression of security. It is very pleasant.

On the coastal road in the direction of Fréjus, we follow with grace (well, we try) the small bends. The 308 plug-in hybrid is, it is true, equipped with the same engine as its big sisters 3008 and 508: an electric motor of 81 kW and a thermal (gasoline) of 150 or 180 hp.

Its Plus Ultra

In thermal mode, the car is hardly noisier than in electric mode, thanks to the front and rear windows which are thicker than those of the previous model.  A good point that will be appreciated by music lovers as well as fans of

Grille of the 308 with the new logo

Grille of the 308 with the new logo

Short break on the road that runs along Lake St-Cassien, in the hinterland. We take the opportunity to observe the fishermen. We mainly walk around the vehicle. At the front, the new 308 really looks good, with its large grille that sports the manufacturer’s new crest. The lion roars with a very nice vintage air. On the other hand, we regret the lengthening of the sedan. The line is more aerodynamic but less compact. It’s a bit annoying for this model. Nevertheless, the pleasure of driving is intact, the charm still operates. The 308 is a hell of a number.

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In 2007, the 308 replaced the 307 – Peugeot’s big success – and in turn became one of the favorite cars of the French. And above all, for the first time, a French car is playing in the same court as a world star: the VW Golf. In 2013 for the second generation of the model, Peugeot chose a more aggressive exterior design and, for the interior, the i-cockpit. Finally in 2017, the manufacturer slightly redesigned the front of the vehicle and offered a new range of engines in line with the new pollution standards.

Peugeot 308 III, plug-in hybrid version from 36,800 euros.

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