Pankaj Tripathi reached Bihar to celebrate Chhath, the actor said – I am very happy to worship with family

Chhath Puja, a great festival of folk faith, is celebrated in different parts of the country including North India. This year Chhath Puja will start with Nahay Khay on 8th November, 2021 and will conclude with Usha Arghya on 11th November, 2021. Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi has gone from Mumbai to Bihar to celebrate Chhath this time. He is very excited to celebrate Chhath with his family in Patna. Pankaj Tripathi said that in the midst of the corona epidemic, we will be careful about performing Chhath Puja.

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will do chhath puja at home
Pankaj Tripathi said, ‘I am currently in Bihar. So happy to celebrate this year’s Chhath Puja in my hometown after so many years. Chhath Puja is the biggest festival in Bihar and we all do it for four days. Pankaj Tripathi further said, ‘In view of the corona epidemic, our family will worship in a simple way. We will avoid worshiping in crowded places. Instead of going to the banks of the river, we will make a small pool at our house and worship the sun god.’

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refreshed childhood memories
Pankaj Tripathi relives his childhood memories. He said that he used to take part in plays in his village Belsund. Pankaj Tripathi said, ‘After Chhath Puja, a play was staged in my village. As a kid, I used to go there every year and perform in front of people. I consider those plays as my first school of acting. Acting in those plays made my dream come true.


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