Parcoursup: more than 91,000 candidates are still unassigned

According to the government, nearly 90% of applicants received “at least one admission proposal.”

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The end is approaching, and many young people are still waiting. A few hours from the At the end of the main phase of Parcoursup, which ends Friday evening July 16 at midnight, more than 91,000 candidates are still awaiting an assignment in higher education for the start of the 2021-2022 school year.

According to the latest count from the Ministry of Higher Education, 91,178 candidates out of a total of 841,518 did not have an assignment offer on Thursday evening: 45,683 high school students, 33,770 candidates seeking reorientation and 11,725 ​​enrolled in abroad. In a joint press release, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of National Education nevertheless welcomed the fact that“To date, 568,000 high school graduates have received at least one admission proposal, or 89.5% of them. This rate is more than 1.3 points higher than last year.”

According to the government, “these best results (…) This is also true for students in reorientation, despite the greater number of registrants this year on Parcoursup (77% or 1.3 additional points compared to 2020) “.

Unanswered candidates will be able to apply for vacant places during the “complementary” phase, open since June 16. This possibility will be offered to them until September 16. Candidates can also contact the Commission for Access to Higher Education (CAES) of their rectorate, which will try to offer them a suitable solution.

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