Parent of a bullying child, how to react?

PSYCHOLOGY – There is not one, but several profiles of stalkers. For parents, it is often misunderstanding that dominates.

By Dr Nathalie Szapiro-Manoukian

Child bullies must also be taken care of.
Child bullies must also be taken care of. 77963183 / Patricia W. –

700,000 children are said to be victims of school bullying in France, half of them severely. And for a child bullied at school, there is at least one hangman, if not more. A horde of stalkers likely to number in the millions! However, if there is an urgent need to take charge of the victims, we too often forget the harassers themselves. However, they too are the victims of their own actions, and their parents are most often very poor …

In Canada, a Public Health Agency survey of 11-15 year olds showed that 53% admitted to having behaved like a stalker. They do not all have the same profile. “There is the leader and the followers, confirms Marc Spund, clinical psychologist. The first wants to be dominant at all costs and moreover, very often, he presents a strong social ability, a certain charisma which can make him appreciated by his teachers. But he is unable to empathize, to respect the other and does not feel any

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