Parenting Tips: Teach the child to answer like this, this trick will work for parents

How To Talk To Kids: It would happen with many parents that they ask their child something but they do not answer it. If it is the same with your child, then today we will tell you some such tricks, with the help of which he will also learn to answer your questions and talk to you. Children should know how to respond to something. This is important not only for them, but also for you, because it will increase their ability to listen and understand. So let’s know these tricks.

Give option
If the child wants to ask about food, then keep the option of two things in front of them whether they want to eat roti or rice. In such a situation, they will have the option to answer. Also, he will be able to tell his choice. 

Avoid restraining the child
Never restrain the child. Otherwise he will not be able to learn anything. He will already be afraid that he is being stopped from doing that. Explain the difference between right and wrong to children comfortably so that they do not get scared and learn.

Do not always scold the child, but praise him if he has done something good. If you want, you can also give him something as a reward to motivate him so that he understands that what he has done is right.

Tess about interesting topic
When the child is busy with some work, talk to him on the topic of his choice during that time. So that he not only learns to answer about your questions, but he will also start taking interest in your words.

Talk to the child 
When your child is sitting comfortably or playing, talk to him about a topic while playing with him, like asking him about friends or a cartoon character Talk openly about This will make your child interested in talking to you. 

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