Parents wary of the vaccine for their children

TESTIMONIALS – The most radical have gone so far as to call for a boycott of the start of the school year.

For this new school year, Amélie, mother of three, finds herself confronted with a problem that she could never have imagined only a few months ago. “My eldest daughter is a year early, she explains. She is entering fifth and will be the only one in her class to be 11 years old. “ Even if her mother has no objection, the young girl does not therefore have the right to be vaccinated before passing the 12-year mark. “It would make our life easier, both for her and for us. She would have no more problems and if that can help stop the epidemic so that we can live normally… ”, explains this director of a youth center in town hall. However, she has not received any information from the college and is worried that her daughter will be the only one sent home, if she is in contact. According to a survey conducted by Appinio, Amélie is part of the majority of parents (53%) ready to have their child vaccinated.

Mathilde’s 10-year-old daughter will be entering sixth grade at the start of the school year. Mathilde

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