Paris: a police officer kills a man who had attacked him with a stabbing gun

The motive for the assault remains unknown.

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A police officer shot dead a man who assaulted him on Sunday March 14 in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, franceinfo learned from a police source. At around 11 am, rue des Amiraux, a mountain biking police officer from the 18th district who was guarding his colleagues’ bikes during intervention on a family dispute was taken to task by an individual who finally threatened him with a bladed weapon.

The individual fled when the policeman took out his baton. But while being pursued by the policeman, the man turned around and tried to stab him at the corner of rue Boinod, Championnet, and des Poissonniers. The policeman used his weapon. The individual is deceased.

On site, the firefighters gave the individual a cardiac massage, without being able to revive him, we learned from them.

“The exact circumstances of the facts are to be specified, an investigation is opened, the investigations are entrusted to the IGPN”, told AFP the Paris prosecutor’s office, including a magistrate on site. The police do not mention at this point “no notion of religious or terrorist remarks” pronounced at the time of the assault. The motive for the attack remains unknown for the time being.

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