Paris: an employee of the Saint-Louis hospital tries to kill himself at work, a security guard injured while rescuing him

The man who tried to end his life suffered “serious injuries taken care of within the hospital”, according to the Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris.

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An agent of the Parisian hospitals tried to commit suicide in an office of the Saint-Louis hospital, in the north-east of the capital, Monday, November 8, announced, in the evening, the direction of the AP-HP. He went through “serious injuries taken care of within the hospital”. His gesture was “immediately overpowered by security personnel”, who was treated in the emergency room due to injuries caused by his intervention.

In the evening, the Paris prosecutor’s office announced that it had an investigation. The 47-year-old man has a life-threatening prognosis, he added, adding that the state of health of the security guard who rescued him no longer required hospitalization.

According to The Parisian, the man who tried to end his life is a 47-year-old administrative secretary. He was burned over a large part of his body after spraying himself with gasoline and setting fire with a match, specifies a police source on a daily basis. The security guard who came to his aid was burned on his hand and on his left leg.

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