Pas de deux with La Fontaine

400 years and a light foot! What if we made La Fontaine dance? The idea germinated in the early 2000s in the mind of Annie Sellem, founder of La Petite Fabrique, an independent production house, which has thus built up a collection of danced fables for twenty years. Presented at the beginning of October at the Théâtre national de Chaillot in Paris, two are on view at the Maison de la danse in Lyon as part of its “family” program. The occasion, the year in which we celebrate the 400th anniversary of the poet’s birth, to let oneself be delighted by two choreographic universes with fruitful dialogue. Specialist in baroque dance, Béatrice Massin has chosen to make people dance The wolf and the lamb to music by Marin Marais. Initially, only two pelisses appear. Thanks to the performers they conceal, playing with drapes and volumes, they take the form of the animals of the story: the wolf with the threatening jaw and the lamb in its sweet innocence. The match between them is decided in advance, according to a balance of power which unfortunately never seems to have lost its relevance over the centuries. Dominique Hervieu, she chose The Fox and the Crow, “Deeply rooted in[sa] childhood memory “, which it declines in sign language. Expressive gestures that nourish the soil of a particularly inventive choreography, where symbols with contemporary echoes intersect – the crow busy taking a few selfies! – and, through the video accompanying the two dancers, faces and languages ​​from all corners of the globe. On a frantic pace, the fable resonates with a thousand accents, carried away by musical extracts by Lully and Schumann. A mixed energy which reaffirms, if necessary, the universality of a resolutely timeless work.


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