Patricia Blanc: “Five hundred children die of cancer each year”

MAINTENANCE – On the occasion of the “Golden September” operation, the founder of the Imagine for Margo association reminds us that cancer remains the leading cause of death from childhood illness.

Patricia Blanc is the mother of Margo, who died in 2011 of a brain tumor at the age of 14. For ten years, she has been fighting at the head of the Imagine for Margo association, created with her husband, Olivier, in order to accelerate research against childhood cancer. On the occasion of Golden September, the month of international mobilization against pediatric cancers, she looks back on the hopes opened up by research.

LE FIGARO How do you still find the strength to fight?

Patricia BLANC. – In one week, your life changes, you are told that your daughter has cancer and that she cannot be cured. The only thing we offer you is palliative care. It is unacceptable for parents. We fought, we looked for all means to save our daughter, contacted doctors all over the world, including in New York, where we had lived for seven years. But we discovered that the research is mainly focused on adult cancers, pediatric cancers.

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