Pension reform: the Modem keeps the pressure on the government

Posted Sep 20, 2022, 7:15 PMUpdated Sep 21, 2022, 4:30 PM

In the corridors of power this Tuesday, we tried to philosophize on “Béarn humor” … Because after the exit of François Bayrou this weekend against a “forced passage” on the pension reform that would constitute for the president of the Modem of pension measures via an amendment in the Social Security financing bill (PLFSS), it is Jean-Paul Mattei, the president of the Modem group in the Assembly – Béarnais as the High Commissioner for Planning – who went back to the front on the subject.

During a press conference at the National Assembly, after the meeting of his group which also received the Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt, to talk about the unemployment insurance bill, Jean-Paul Mattei launched a new paved in the sea. The president of the group assured that the Modem deputies will not be able “to accept a reform, small or large, through an amendment”. The position, he continued, will be “certainly to vote against this amendment” if that is the arbitration of the executive couple.

Another thunderclap

After, in this new school year, the multiple declarations of the executive on the importance of the unity of the majority, it is like a new clap of thunder in an already busy sky. “He has the ardor of new converts,” squeaks an executive adviser, who assures that the president of the Modem group had so far been less categorical. “Anyway, if the government decides to go through an amendment in the PLFSS, with 49.3, there will be no vote, tries to minimize a Renaissance figure. If the PLFSS is the chosen path, everyone will follow. »

“We are all aligned, defends Philippe Vigier, vice-president of the Modem group. We were reminded in a group meeting that social dialogue is not just words, especially in a country without a majority, fractured and in which we have just launched the National Council for Refoundation (CNR). ” The member of Eure-et-Loir assures him, ” it’s not war, but we say things. We are in favor of a pension reform, but not without the social partners. Which amendment will introduce a powerful and structural reform into the PLFSS, if we take four or five months, that does not mean that we will bend in the face of opposition from such and such”.

A series of meetings at Matignon

This is what risks in any case to animate much more than expected this Wednesday morning the first of the appointments of Elisabeth Borne. The head of government is starting a series of meetings with the presidents of parliamentary groups to prepare for the ordinary session which opens on 3 October.

With a busy menu, from the bill on unemployment insurance to that on renewable energies and of course, as a main course, budgetary texts and therefore pensions. It is the majority group presidents who open the ball… “The Prime Minister will not allow herself to be put under pressure”, warns those around her.

Mix the two measures

Emmanuel Macron and Elisabeth Borne will continue to phosphorize on the issue on Friday and all weekend. The path to an amendment in the PLFSS “is not quite decided”, repeated Tuesday morning the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, on RTL. Asked about the idea of ​​a decline in the legal age of departure or an extension of the duration of contributions, Olivier Dussopt dropped: “We could mix the two measures”, evoking “possibly counterparties” on the ” minimum level of pension and the question of arduousness”.

“Two lines cohabit permanently around the President of the Republic, points out an eminent member of the majority in the face of hesitation and internal tensions on the subject. There is the one who defends the new method and wants to build compromises, it is the Bayrou line, or Ferrand, central and centrist and a harder line, coming from the right, with Alexis Kohler, Darmanin, Lecornu and others . We will not be able to put in the PLFSS the subject of chopped careers, hardship, the employment of seniors … ” And to warn against the “political risk” of a motion of censure in full congress of the RN and LR this fall.

In a meeting of the Renaissance group on Tuesday morning, the deputies of the majority pleaded in any case for a “quick decision” from the executive and for a “balance between salty and sweet”, notes a senior official. “We have to get out of this debate quickly to focus on the substance. »

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