Pensions: the executive still tries to act quickly despite Bayrou’s warning

Posted Sep 18, 2022 5:50 PMUpdated on Sep 18, 2022 at 6:36 PM

Pressure is mounting from all sides around the pension reform. Emmanuel Macron “replaced the pressure in the tube, gave it back its course. He now wants us to do it. For the modalities, it is up to the government to see, ”assured a close friend of the Head of State during the weekend.

A weekend, which, on the eve of a meeting this Monday between the social partners and the Minister of Labor, Olivier Dussopt, around the latest report of the Pensions Orientation Council (COR), saw the president of the Modem , François Bayrou, throwing a stone into the pond.

The historic ally of Emmanuel Macron, also in charge of the National Council for Refoundation (CNR) has indeed said his opposition against a “forced passage” on the reform, in an interview with “Parisien”. Namely a passage via the Social Security financing bill. “This reform cannot be done around the bend of an amendment”, insisted François Bayrou, recalling that it is according to him “vital” but must be done “in consultation”, he insisted during the “Grand Go to Europe1/LesEchos/CNews”.

Take time

For his part, the secretary general of the CFDT Laurent Berger, headwind against a postponement of the legal age, repeated Sunday on France Inter his “frontal opposition” against measures in the PLFSS, weighing his participation in the CNR. “Let me not pass for someone who does not want to reform the pension system”, however warned the trade unionist, ensuring that the CFDT “has always committed to a global reform”.

“The problem of financing today is not urgent but it deserves to be posed, at the same level as that of social justice”, insisted Laurent Berger. It is necessary “to take the time to discuss, four, five, six months”, he underlined, refusing the timetable which would consist in having measures voted in the PLFSS and referring to discussions on what could not have been there. be put: “Who signs the purchase of an apartment before having visited it? “.

“Nobody wants to force through”, tried to demine this Sunday Stéphane Séjourné, secretary general of the new presidential party Renaissance, on RTL. Within the government and the majority, one indeed tries to minimize the exit of the ally Modem. “He has his freedom of speech, his itchy side”, philosophizes a government source, while acknowledging him “to be right on the CNR. This risks killing the initiative. Who will come back around the table? »

Triple Risk

“The president is very determined, despite the various alerts he may have received. Whether we like it or not, this will be the indicator of our ability to reform. Doing it via the PLFSS is the simplest. The other option is in February. Who can say that the situation will be easier? “, notes a minister of weight. “An ad hoc bill at the beginning of next year involves a triple risk of opinion, social and political, abounds a government adviser. Will it be easier to put the subject on the table in January when the French will see their electricity bill increase and potentially cuts? It can also give time for a social movement to coagulate and we will no longer have a majority in Parliament…”

“Whatever the moment chosen, the parliamentary majority is ready and determined. We must consult, work on the project and bring it to completion, ”assures the president of the Renaissance group in the Assembly, Aurore Bergé, while the troops of the majority are counted, with the support of Edouard Philippe this weekend. but the reluctance of some of them.

find the right path

This Sunday on France 3, Olivier Dussopt confirmed that all the hypotheses remain on the table, for a reform “in October or in the spring” and “implementation in 2023”. The Minister of Labour, whose “objective is to share an observation”, insisted on the deficit anticipated by the COR in 2027: “12.7 billion is not nothing. “As a message to the CFDT, which had previously deemed that a reform was not necessary.

He is also awaiting the delivery at the end of the week of the opinion of the Pension Monitoring Committee. Elisabeth Borne must focus her start of the week on the subject. “The conviction will be forged this week. We agree on the objective, assures his entourage. You have to find the right path. »

As for the final arbitration, it is not certain, indicate several sources, that it will succeed before the presentation of the budgetary texts, on September 26. “Who knows, loose a minister, when the president will decide? »


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