PODCAST – Emmanuel Renaut: “La Chartreuse is a liqueur for sharing”

The peaks of Haute-Savoie as far as the eye can see, a handful of alpine chalets and the tolling of cow bells, this is the idyllic setting that Emmanuel Renaut chose for his restaurant Flocons de Sel. This three-Michelin-starred chef decided to open this establishment on the heights of Megève, in order to benefit from the attractiveness of this ski resort, but also – and above all – for the love of the mountains.

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One of Emmanuel Renaut’s favorite excursions is to go to the monastery of the Grande Chartreuse, on the borders of Isère and Savoy. “I am a believer but not a practitioner and when you find yourself in places like this, something extraordinary happens: a power moves you inside”, he confides in this seventh episode of season 4 of the Place des religions podcast.

A preciously kept secret

Over the years, this chef has forged a relationship of trust with the monks of the Grande Chartreuse and is one of the few people able to enter the walls of their monastery, which is usually closed to the public.

One of the particularities of this order founded in 1084 by Saint Bruno is to supervise since the 17th century the manufacture of the Chartreuse liqueur. The secret of this elixir is carefully kept by the monks, who pass on its recipe from generation to generation. Emmanuel Renaut, however, recognized several of the 130 plants and spices that make up the Chartreuse: he detected notes of gentian, liquorice, curry or even saffron …

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According to this three-star chef, this liqueur is a fruitful source of inspiration. He likes to use it in some of his recipes, such as his famous Chartreuse soufflé. But according to him, nothing beats tasting this spirit by the glass. “As long as you drink it accompanied, with friends”, specifies Emmanuel Renaut, for whom the Charterhouse is above all “A liqueur of sharing”.

Among the other invited personalities: Thierry Marx, two-star chef and follower of Buddhism; Florence Kahn, owner of a Yiddish specialty shop; Djamel Bouhadda, chef of the halal gourmet restaurant Le Médaillon; Stéphane Esclef, rector of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre and former cook in Parisian palaces; Jean-Luc Gadreau, Baptist pastor and pizza maker, Sabine Gosselin, restaurateur on the road to Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle …

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