PODCAST – “This is America”. For Joseph Stiglitz, the United States has a “cruel” economic system

The US economy is still sick with Covid. In a few months, the unemployment rate went from a historically low level (3.5% in February) to a peak (14.7% in April) not reached since the end of the Second World War. Many small businesses, largely owned by African Americans and other minorities, had to close and food banks suddenly filled up.

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Can the US economy rebound quickly? How did Donald Trump deal with this unprecedented crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s? Joseph Stiglitz, 2001 Nobel laureate in economics and professor at Columbia University, is the guest of “This is America”.

→ MAINTENANCE. Joseph Stiglitz: “Inequalities are increasing and life expectancy is declining”

→ ANALYSIS. In the United States, a heated debate on the taxation of the rich

→ MAINTENANCE. Aid plan for American households: “things are getting urgent”

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► Other personalities invited to “This is America”

Joel Benenson, campaign strategist for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; Raphaël Liogier, sociologist and philosopher; Benjamin Haddad, member of the Atlantic Council think tank; Célia Belin, researcher at the Brookings Institution; Claude Grunitzky, founding journalist of the media platform True Africa

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Every Friday, until the day after the presidential election, listen to Alexis Buisson and his guests in This is America. A podcast of The cross in partnership with the Alliance-Columbia program and its partners (Sciences-Po, Polytechnique, La Sorbonne) and with French Morning, the first web magazine of the French in America.

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