Poila Boishakha will be celebrated on 15th April, know how and why Bengali people celebrate this festival

The first day of Baisakh month holds a very special significance for the Bengali community. This day marks the beginning of the new year of the Bengali community. In Bengal it is known as Poila Boishakh. This festival is celebrated on 15th April. On this day, Bengali people hug each other and wish each other a Happy New Year by saying Shubho Nobo Borso. It means Happy New Year.

The month of Vaishakh is considered very auspicious in Bengal. In this month, all auspicious works like marriage, home marriage, shaving, buying a house etc. are done. Not only this, fairs are organized at many places on this day.

This is how Poila Boishakh celebrates

People of Bengali community clean the houses on this day. Wearing new clothes and worshiping. Business-business people start accounting on this day. Different types of dishes are made at home. People go to each other’s house and wish them a Happy New Year. It is a tradition to visit the temple on this day and seek the blessings of elders. Along with this, there is also a law to worship the cow mother on this day.

poila boishakh auspicious time

Bengali era begins 1429

Poila Boishakh begins – April 15, 2022 (Friday)

The dishes are prepared on the day of Poila Baisakh

It is believed that on this day people wear traditional clothes. Not only this, traditional dishes are also prepared in homes on this day. On this day, onions, green chillies and fried Hilsa fish are eaten in homes. It is also called as pant bhaat. On this day, rosogolla, meat, fish, many types of chenna sweets etc. are also served in front of the guests.

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