Poland: the deepest swimming pool in the world has opened its doors

In the depths of a basin. A swimming pool, called Deepspot, 45.5 meters deep opened on Saturday, November 21 in Warsaw, Poland. Intended for divers, it contains reproductions of underwater caves and Mayan ruins, as well as a small wreck to explore. This body of water is in total filled with 8,000 cubic meters of water, ie more than twenty times the volume contained in a standard 25-meter-long swimming pool.

Unlike ordinary pools reserved for swimming, the Deepspot complex is allowed to accommodate clients despite the Covid-19 pandemic in Poland, as it is considered a diving training center providing courses. “It’s the deepest pool in the world”, his Deepspot Michal Braszczynski told AFP.

The previous record in this area, recorded by Guinness, ie 42 meters of vertical drop from bottom to top, was held by the Montegrotto Terme swimming pool in Italy. The Polish water body should, however, be quickly relegated to second with the commissioning scheduled for next year in the United Kingdom of Blue Abyss and its 50 meters depth.

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