Pooja Bhatt told how much money gathered for the treatment of Faraz Khan, also gave a health update

Pooja Bhatt recently ran a campaign on social media for the treatment of actor Faraz Khan. Now he has shared his health update. Faraz Khan, who has been seen in films like ‘Mehndi’ and ‘Fareb’, is struggling with money. He is hospitalized and does not have treatment money. Many people have helped him when he comes to know this.

Pooja Bhatt wrote thank you note to people
Faraz Khan has a brain infection as well as pneumonia. Now his condition is improving. Pooja Bhatt posted a Thank You note. It is written in gratitude to all you special and generous people who helped in the treatment for Faraz Khan and carried this thing forward. I am told that there is improvement in them.

25 lakh rupees was needed, accumulated
Pooja Bhatt also informed that out of 25,00000, 14,45,747 rupees have been collected. Earlier, Pooja Bhatt tweeted, Please share and Contribute as much as possible. I am doing If any of you could do that, then thank you. After this news came that Salman Khan came forward in support of Faraj. Faraj is admitted to a hospital in Bangalore.

Salman Khan filled medical bills of Faraz Khan fighting to the death! Kashmiri Shah posted


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