Post-Brexit agreement: up to 30,000 euros in flat-rate aid for affected fishermen

The French Ministry of the Sea unveiled, Thursday, December 24, several measures of the support plan for fishermen and fishmongers after the announcement of a trade agreement post-Brexit between London and the European Union. “Fishermen and wholesalers will be able to benefit from a flat-rate aid of up to 30,000 euros depending on their dependence on products caught in British waters”, the ministry said in a press release. The government will very soon present the complete support plan for French fishermen “.

This plan also provides for the compensation over a limited period of part of the turnover losses of companies dependent on British waters. Medium and long-term measures include the extension of long-term partial activity for employees of companies dependent on British waters, restructuring aid under the company’s job protection plan. or the possibility of “validate the acquired experience or retraining in the maritime sector”.

Investment aid within the framework of the recovery plan and the future European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) is also planned. For vessels dependent on British waters who wish to stop their activity, a “fleet exit plan” will be implemented. The post-Brexit agreement provides for a transition period until summer 2026 to give up 25% of European catches, which amount to around 650 million euros per year, and the annual renegotiation planned at the end of this period.

Until then, EU fishermen will retain guaranteed access to areas within 6-12 nautical miles off the British coast (territorial waters) where they have traditionally visited. Negotiations will start with the United Kingdom from January 1 to negotiate quotas for shared stocks, the ministry’s statement said.

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