PPDA case: Florence Porcel files a complaint with the constitution of civil party

Florence Porcel’s complaint dismissed, along with seven other rape complaints, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault and sexual harassment.

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The writer Florence Porcel files a complaint with civil proceedings denouncing a rape in 2009, her lawyers announced in a press release Friday, June 25, after the classification without follow-up of her complaint and seven other complaints against the journalist Patrick Poivre d’Arvor for rape, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault and sexual harassment. This complaint automatically leads to the opening of a judicial investigation, which will be entrusted to an independent magistrate.

“The decision of the Nanterre public prosecutor’s office is only one step in the procedure, explain the lawyers, It does not shake in any way Florence Porcel’s determination to see in-depth investigations carried out by an independent judge. This is why Florence Porcel decided to file a complaint with the constitution of civil party “

“There are a number of hearings that have not been carried out in this case, specifies Me Emmanuel Moyne to franceinfo, also evoking “material investigations ” which should still be carried out, in particular in “the office in which the facts related by our client took place.”

If Florence Porcel’s complaint with civil action concerns a rape suffered in 2009, and not that of 2004 which is prescribed, “the previous facts have been brought to the attention of justice and they will deserve to be the subject of additional investigations because if we do not investigate these facts, we cannot understand what my client suffered during all these years”, specify again Me Emmanuel Moyne at franceinfo.

This decision [de classement sans suite] once again shows the difficulties of the judicial system in understanding and handling cases of sexual violence. Out of ten complaints filed for rape in France, seven are closed.

Florence Porcel’s lawyers


Master Emmanuel Moyne adds to franceinfo that this case is “emblematic of the difficulty justice has in dealing with cases of sexual violence. There are a number of mechanisms that we do not understand today. (…) I believe that when a large number of women comes to testify to what looks very much like a modus operandi, I believe that the truth would gain if justice leads for all these women of the in-depth investigations “.

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