Pr Didier Raoult: “I regret nothing”

EXCLUSIVE MAINTENANCE – Didier Raoult published his “Covid-19 War Notebooks” on February 11, which brings together the comments made for a year. Le Figaro Magazine returns to the subjects that annoy with the infectious disease specialist who became a French polemicist and celebrity.

It is a necessary and fascinating document. The pro-Raoults will find in these Notebooks What better way to understand why they are, and the anti-Raoults should at least take note of his arguments which are more balanced and supported than they think. You have to read it with a clear head, and even if it repeats itself a lot, listen to what one of the great specialists – the greatest, according to him – of infectious diseases in France is saying. Didier Raoult is not modest. But why does it matter, if it makes an indispensable contribution to the debate?

You have been fighting the dramatization surrounding this epidemic for a year. Why?

For years, I have observed the growing gap between the media coverage of certain information and the reality of risk. There have been disproportionate alerts with Sars-CoV-1, chikungunya, Ebola and H1N1.

But this time around, Sars-CoV-2 has really wreaked havoc in every country!

It has sown chaos in the West. In China, it was quickly brought under control. When,

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