Pr Nicolas Franck: “Prevention is beneficial for the patient as well as for the community”

MAINTENANCE – According to the psychiatrist and head of the pole at Le Vinatier hospital near Lyon, rapid treatment of patients in need maximizes their chances of recovery.

Psychiatrist at the Le Vinatier hospital center, in Lyon, the Pr Nicolas Franck practices psychosocial rehabilitation in his department, which consists of strengthening patients’ skills to facilitate their social inclusion and reduce the risk of relapse. Prevention is, according to him, a pillar of any public health policy.

LE FIGARO. – Why is the prevention of mental illness a priority?

Pr Nicolas FRANCK. – It is crucial because it allows earlier access to care, which is beneficial for the patient as well as for the community. If the patient is taken care of before their state of health has deteriorated too much, their chances of recovery will be much better. In addition, the social cost will be reduced. However, today, a bipolar disorder is diagnosed ten years on average after the first signs. For schizophrenia, it is a year and a half from the time when specific manifestations appear, such as hallucinations or delirium. It is

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