Pregnancy: no worrying signals regarding the Covid vaccine

Not all future mothers are convinced, however.

Since April 2021, RNA vaccines against Covid have been recommended for pregnant women from the second trimester of pregnancy. The strategic orientation council on anti-Covid vaccination even issued an opinion paving the way, if the patient wishes, for vaccination from the start of her pregnancy. “There is no argument to consider that an earlier vaccination would present a danger for the embryo or the fetus”, can we read in the document published in July.

Not all future mothers are convinced, however. “The women I see in consultation are very reluctant to be vaccinated once they are pregnant. They fear fetal malformations or diseases that manifest themselves at a distance. They tell me for example : “I will be injected with something that will pass into my baby and he will develop leukemia in ten years” “, tells the Dr Tiphaine Beillat, obstetrician-gynecologist at the Mathilde clinic in Rouen.

It is true, as recalled

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