Presidential 2022: almost candidate, Eric Zemmour has lost significant financial support


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The French entrepreneur Charles Gave had loaned 300,000 euros to the polemicist at the end of September, a sum which cannot be used for the moment.

Millionaire Charles Gave has withdrawn his support for putative candidate Eric Zemmour, according to information from France Televisions. The 78-year-old man approached the far-right polemicist at the start of the year, before granting him a loan of 300,000 euros in September. A weighty support for those who are pre-campaigning for the presidential election.

But relations between the two men deteriorated, in particular because of the financial package of the loan granted by the French entrepreneur. According to an article in Point, this loan of 300,000 euros cannot for the time being be used by Eric Zemmour for his campaign. Because the loans must be granted to a party and for the moment, Les Amis d’Eric Zemmour, the embryonic party of the polemicist, has no premises or an employee “, explains journalist Christelle Méral on franceinfo.

“In private, Charles Gave confides that the quarrel is linked to the fact that he would have felt ‘left out’. Since his loan, two months ago, he would not have had contact with the polemicist and his entourage, she continues. We also feel a little bitterness, he thinks he could have weighed on the campaign. For example, by taking advantage of the polemicist his contacts, his network, in the United States, in China or in the United Kingdom. “

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