Presidential 2022: Anne Hidalgo and the PS, an obligation of loyalty

Around midnight, this Thursday, October 14, the Socialist Party will know the name of its presidential candidate. There is little suspense: the mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo should be appointed after an internal vote. Around 20,000 up-to-date members were called to vote, from 5 to 10 p.m., in their section.

As soon as the election results, activists will be asked to mobilize. “Our desire is to immediately join a local campaign”, explains Pierre Jouvet, spokesperson for the PS and national secretary for the elections. “In the night from Thursday to Friday, he adds, a first leaflet and a poster will be printed and distributed to the federations to be distributed on Friday, then during a mobilization “everybody on the bridge, Saturday October 16.

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This setting in motion seems to attest to good coordination between the party and the candidate. “Relations are very fluid, the teams are very intertwined”, assures Pierre Jouvet, noting that “For the first time in a long time in the history of the PS, they do not compete”. In fact, Anne Hidalgo’s bad luck, credited with only 4 to 7% of voting intentions, pleads in favor of a reasonable attitude of loyalty to hope to get out of the rut. “Everyone is attentive and loyal, like François Hollande and Bernard Cazeneuve”, notes a party executive.

“I am very faithful but also very free”

Gone are the days of 2007, when the PS leaders hampered the ambitions of their presidential contender. “Ségolène Royal had perhaps not done all that was necessary with Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Laurent Fabius (his opponents for the designation, Editor’s note), admits Patrick Mennucci, essential lieutenant of the then candidate. “Since Ségolène, the candidate is not necessarily that of the whole party, continues the former Marseille deputy. It is really up to the candidate to associate, to make the rallying gestures. “

The organization of Anne Hidalgo’s campaign should be formalized in the course of next week, before an investiture convention on October 23, in Lille, on the land of Martine Aubry, support of the mayor of Paris. For several months, Anne Hidalgo has worked to obtain the rallying of a large part of the apparatus and the elected socialists. From the first secretary, Olivier Faure, to elected officials, this “France team of mayors” on which it is already based. The mayor of Nantes, Johanna Rolland, is thus its campaign manager.

“I am very loyal to my political family, but I am also very free”, has got into the habit of saying Anne Hidalgo. She participated in summer universities in Blois, parliamentary days in Montpellier, but did not take part in the PS congress in Villeurbanne, not attending the speech of Olivier Faure, reelected to his post. The mayor of Paris does not want to be locked into the party; it wants to repeat, if possible, the winning recipe of the municipal elections with a gathering of the left. “It is not the distance but the will to go beyond the party. Enlargement is normal and necessary ”, believes Pierre Jouvet, spokesperson for the PS.

“More traditional socialist positions”

“Since her interview on France 3 on October 10, she has returned to more traditional socialist and social-democratic positions., notes Patrick Mennucci, supporter of the motion of Hélène Geoffroy, opposed to that of Olivier Faure during the congress in September. If you say that you are an environmentalist, as she had started to do, you are opening the door for all Social Democrats to look elsewhere. ” The fear of a ” erasure “ of the PS behind the environmentalists is the main concern relayed by the mayor of Le Mans, Stéphane le Foll, Anne Hidalgo’s only competitor for the nomination vote on October 14.

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From this date will start “A new mobilization”, wants to believe Anne Hidalgo. The candidate will be able to count on the militants to fill meeting rooms and the budgetary support of the PS. The spokesperson Pierre Jouvet assures him: “We have programmed everything for three years to have strong backs in order to be able to finance a presidential campaign. “


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