Presidential 2022: Communist candidate Fabien Roussel wants 32-hour weeks for students

The secretary general of the PCF publishes a column in “Le Monde” in which he proposes to increase the length of school days and to recruit 90,000 new teachers.

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Fabien Roussel, Communist presidential candidate, proposes to“extend the time students are present at school by increasing it to 32 hours per week” in a column published in The world, Tuesday September 28. In what he calls a “Youth Pact”, the national secretary of the PCF wishes “give back meaning to learning”. Such a program, according to him, “would also put an end to inequalities linked to working at home” because “with this increase in school time, it is in class that we will learn the lessons, that we will train”.

For this, the Communist deputy from the North does not want to increase the working time of teachers but “proposes the recruitment of 90,000 teachers during the next five-year term as well as the hiring, training, deprecarisation of accompanying persons for students with disabilities (AESH), nurses, specialized assistants to guarantee, really, the inclusive school for everyone”. Fabien Roussel hears “reduce the number of students per class”.

“A school teacher, a teacher should not have more than 20 to 25 students in his class, when the average today exceeds, in some academies, the 30 students.”

Fabien Roussel, Communist Party presidential candidate

in the world”

The Communist candidate also advocates, like the socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo, “to make young people want to do this great job again”, of “revalue salaries”. It also proposes more generally to unfreeze the index point of all civil servants and to increase “30% wages in three years”. He plans to finally open “new normal schools, accessible from the bac and paid”.

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