Presidential 2022: demonstrations against the far right in around thirty cities

Several hundred demonstrators in Paris and in around thirty cities marched to say “no to the far right” Saturday April 16. They expressed their concern to see Marine Le Pen accede to the Elysée one week before the second round of the presidential election.

League of Human Rights, SOS Racism, CGT, Syndicate of the judiciary… in total around thirty organizations and unions called for these demonstrations. “Against the far right, for justice and equality. No Le Pen at the Élysée », displayed the head banner in Paris. In the procession, few political figures but Philippe Martinez (CGT), Dominique Sopo (SOS Racisme), Arié Alimi (lawyer) and Imane Ouelhalj (Unef), among others.

Unions worried

“Our concerns are that the far right will come to power, we don’t want Marine Le Pen at the Élysée. We are here to say: use your ballot to prevent him from coming to power! »insisted François Sauterey co-president of Mrap.

The program of the National Rally, “It’s anything but a social project as it claims to be. We are here to say: there is fire, our social movement must react, explained Benoit Teste, secretary general of the FSU. The FSU also has serious concerns about education with a terrifying plan to control school curricula and young foreigners who would be expelled”. In Paris, the demonstration was considered to be at risk by the authorities, who deployed an important security device.

In the morning, Marine Le Pen spoke out against these demonstrations. “Coming to demonstrate against the results of an election, I find that it is deeply anti-democratic, did she say. I want to say to all these people: go and vote! ».

Tribune of 500 artists

The far-right candidate was also the target of a platform signed by 500 artists and writers, including Guillaume Canet, Jeanne Balibar, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Marc Lévy. All said they wanted to vote ” without any hesitation “ for Emmanuel Macron, denouncing the program of “xenophobia and withdrawal” by Marine Le Pen.

According to the Ipsos Sopra/Steria barometer carried out for France Info and Le Parisien-Aujourd’hui en France published on Saturday April 16, outgoing President Emmanuel Macron would win the second round of the presidential election against Marine Le Pen, with a score of 55. .5% against 44.5% for the RN candidate.


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