Presidential 2022: Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen warned about the use of personal data

The National Commission for the Control of the Electoral Campaign urged the two candidates to respect the rules concerning personal data, without pointing out any particular violations.

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They can’t say they weren’t warned. The National Commission for the Control of the Electoral Campaign (CNCCEP) warned Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen about the use of personal data in the context of the campaign for the second round of the presidential election, in a press release published on Saturday 16 april. “Sending Messages”she clarified, “must be carried out in compliance with the law applicable to the protection of personal data”.

The two candidates are in particular invited to “not to use a file for purposes incompatible with those for which it was created”. They must also respect the right of individuals to refuse these solicitations, and the CNCCEP recalls that“a file of professional addresses containing personal data cannot in principle be used for propaganda or canvassing purposes”.

The CNCCEP does not give an example to justify this warning. But it is reminiscent of the messages that the organization has already sent to the two candidates: in March, it had for example criticized Emmanuel Macron for using his official Twitter account, therefore attached to the function of President of the Republic , to disseminate electoral propaganda through its “Letter to the French”. In another genre, the “gendarme” of the countryside had “approved with reservations” the professions of faith of Marine Le Pen, on April 14, because the candidate presented there figures on insecurity or immigration attributed to the Ministry of the Interior – without being able to prove that they really came from this ministry.

Other candidates were singled out during the campaign: an investigation was opened by the Paris prosecutor’s office, after text messages sent by Eric Zemmour’s party to French people of the Jewish faith. Personal data is taking an increasingly important place in election campaigns, and parties often make use of private companies specializing in data collection and analysis.

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