Presidential 2022: François Rebsamen supports Emmanuel Macron

The former number two of the PS and ex-Minister of Labour, François Rebsamen, announced on Saturday that he would vote for Emmanuel Macron in the presidential election, “no other” candidate not being “more competent”. “It’s an obvious choice. No other candidate today seems more competent”the mayor of Dijon told AFP, confirming an announcement made daily The Parisian to be published on Sunday.

Emmanuel Macron has “the stature and credibility of a head of state. He’s proven it every day while we’re at war.”explained this close friend of the former socialist president François Hollande who denies aiming for a post of minister under Macron. “I ask nothing for myself”.

The rallying to Macronie of this former number two of the PS (1997 to 2008) was hardly in doubt. Last July, he signed a platform of 350 mayors welcoming the “courage” by Emmanuel Macron. In October, he had mentioned “common causes” with Territories of Progress, which brings together the left wing of the presidential majority. But the Burgundian said to join the outgoing president with his “lucidity, knowing the negative and positive aspects of the quinquennium”. “The policy of whatever it costs is one of the major elements that made me evolve”he added, welcoming that France has become “one of the most protective countries in Europe by paying the 8.5 million French people” unemployed during the Covid crisis.

Still opposed to the abolition of the ISF

The socialist, who in 2018 accused Emmanuel Macron of “privileging the richest”however, remains opposed to the abolition of wealth tax, as well as to the reform of unemployment insurance in “allowance gaps that are not acceptable” and to which “it will have to be remedied”.

Thus, it is for “weigh” on a new Macron five-year term that Mr. Rebsamen wants to create a “independent social democratic movement” after the presidential election. “We cannot leave Emmanuel Macron alone with the right”, he believes. To do this, “personalities will join me”, he assures without giving names. Several other PS figures have recently joined Macronie, including ex-minister Marisol Touraine and Manuel Valls, the former head of government of François Hollande (2014-2016).

Former Minister of Labor (2014-15), Mr. Rebsamen had already distanced himself from the PS when Olivier Faure was elected as its head in September. “The PS has become sectarian and no longer speaks to popular circles. He has no vision, no program. Anne Hidalgo is the victim”, he regretted. The socialist candidate is credited with 2% in the last BVA poll published on Friday, behind the PCF (5%). Corn “I am and I remain a socialist”hammered Mr. Rebsamen.


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