Presidential 2022: in Perpignan, Anne Hidalgo defends a “just” and “united” France

“No pasaran! launched Anne Hidalgo, Sunday, December 12, in a meeting in Perpignan (Pyrénées-Orientales), using the slogan of the Spanish anti-fascists. The PS presidential candidate defended her candidacy against “to candidates of intolerance” against whom she promoted a France “correct” and “reunited”. She also called again for the union of the left.

“I am the candidate of an anger that I want to turn into hope.”

Anne Hidalgo, PS candidate

during his meeting in Perpignan

“I want a France that is just because it is united, a France that is united because it is just”, she immediately declared, in front of a thousand people gathered at the Palais des Congrès in Perpignan, a city held by the RN. “I come, they say, to a stronghold of the extreme right, in a hostile environment, in a city doomed to retreat. But there is no stronghold in France, there is no private preserve. , forbidden land. There is only one Republic! “ she asserted.

She launched “a call for the unity of France”, running as a candidate “concord”, “the reconciliation of France with itself and the appeasement of a divided France”. Anne Hidalgo, who unsuccessfully offered a primary to her left-wing competitors on Wednesday, argued that it is “the only way to come together”.

“Without union, there is no destiny for the left, but without the left, it is no longer France, it is no longer democracy. We will do everything to achieve this union”, she promised. “We still have time to debate fraternally in front of the citizens, to submit to their verdict and to accept it”, she assured before calling for a start. “Division is resignation, it is powerlessness, it is abstention. So: wake up! Measure the danger that awaits us!”

The candidate mentioned “in an ultimate nightmare, a victory for the far right”, Who “would relegate France to the rank of small xenophobic and racist countries”. “This retreating France is not ours! This nation confused in an aggressive nostalgia is not ours! This France with a falsified past is not ours!”, she chanted before proclaiming: “On this land which sings to the wind of Spain, with this accent which is that of freedom, I say it to you with all my soul: no pasaran! [ils ne passeront pas]

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