Presidential 2022: Marine Le Pen, a “selfie campaign” under the radar

“Marine, a little smile please! » Surrounded by her immutable swarm of journalists, ” Marine “Le Pen turns in the direction of the enamored fan and shoots, like a reflex, a playful face, just long enough for a shot. This mask of bonhomie, the representative of the National Rally (RN) offered it to order dozens of times, Friday morning, on the covered market in Haguenau (Bas-Rhin). Without bothering to ask onlookers about their economic situation, a way to introduce his program on purchasing power. Renaud Labaye, his chief of staff, revels in the scene, repeated at each trip: “People seek it everywhere because it is accessible. We’re doing a selfie campaign. »

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For her last weekend before the first round of the presidential election, the MP for Pas-de-Calais did not depart from her “proximity campaign”, mixing markets and modest public meetings. Always in small and medium-sized municipalities, often in sectors committed to its cause. Winning recipe for the 2019 Europeans, the Tour de France of the sub-prefectures has the advantage of modesty, for a party larded with a debt of more than 20 million euros.

“The France of the Forgotten”

Officially, it is a question of sensitizing as closely as possible an electorate – working and middle classes – deemed too far from the ballot. “A return to the sources of marinism, that of the France of the forgotten”still defending the president of the RN, Jordan Bardella, at the end of March. “We exist, but there are often only for the big cities”breathes Marine, a 23-year-old nurse present Friday evening at the Stiring-Wendel meeting (Moselle).

One week before the election, the polls support the strategy without ” noise “ or “fury” : credited in the first round with a score close to that achieved in 2017 (21.3%), Marine Le Pen even touches Emmanuel Macron in the event of a new duel, rewarded in a recent poll with 47% of intentions to votes. Enough for his opponents, the outgoing president in the lead, to warn of the danger of his victory. “It’s a good sign, it proves that the second round has already startedwelcomes Jean-Philippe Tanguy, deputy director of the campaign. Our opponents don’t even bother to attack us on substance. They immediately call us big bad guys. Arguments of desperation without any value with the voters”.

Projection on the second round

If the content of its program, declination on all the fields of the “national preference”, leaves no doubt about her belonging to the extreme right, Marine Le Pen’s team is convinced that she is no longer the scarecrow of the political spectrum. The eruption of Éric Zemmour would have definitely demonized it. “Marine’s image is improving, no one doubts her seriousness nowprophesies Philippe Olivier, his main adviser. It is humanly and technically better prepared”. His whole clan is now just waiting for the revenge of 2017.

The new slogan of the second round is not ink sliced. The place of its two major meetings between two towers, if: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Pas-de-Calais, historic lands of the former FN. “It must also be said that we have been campaigning for the second round from the start”laughs a strategist.

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The dialectic to be unfolded in front of the Head of State is no longer a mystery: bringing together the “popular bloc” vs “oligarchy”. “The idea is to say that there is an elite in the country who prided themselves on leading thinking that the government was not that of the people by the people and for the people”, announces Marine Le Pen. In Stiring-Wendel, the candidate has already called for support from the “patriotic left” and some “right of human values”to be distinguished from “silver straight”. “We must break the cultural representation of the far right”, hopes a relative. Provided that the “republican front”, already well underway in 2017, no longer hinders the Elysian ambitions of the national camp.

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