Presidential 2022: Marine Le Pen represents a “danger” for workers, according to the CFDT and the CGT

A common position taken by two unions used to not being on the same line. Laurent Berger and Philippe Martinez, general secretaries of the CFDT and the CGT respectively, call for “not handing over the keys to democracy” to Marine Le Pen, in a joint text published in the Sunday Journal, Sunday April 17.

“Never has the threat of seeing the far right at the Elysée Palace been so strong”what “forces us to speak up today to avoid this catastrophic scenario”write the leaders of the two largest trade union federations, who want “Warning about the danger represented by Marine Le Pen and her party”the National Rally.

According to Laurent Berger and Philippe Martinez, “the National Rally has not changed”, and “like the National Front in its time, it is deeply rooted in the history of the French extreme right, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, and sexist”.

“We are two committed actors who believe, despite their differences, in the power of dialogue and collective action to build a fairer society”

Laurent Berger and Philippe Martinez

in the “Sunday newspaper”

“The National Rally is a danger to the fundamental rights of citizens and workers” and “cannot be considered as the republican parties, respectful and guarantors of our motto, liberty, equality, fraternity”they say again.

“Let’s not entrust him with the keys to our democracy, at the risk of losing them”conclude Laurent Berger and Philippe Martinez at the end of this forum, where the name of Emmanuel Macron who will face Marine Le Pen on April 24 for the second round of the presidential election is never mentioned.

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