Presidential 2022: “The right can and must win the presidential election”, believes Valérie Pécresse who promises to “play collectively”

Valérie Pécresse, candidate for a right-wing primary, made her political comeback on Saturday, August 28 in Brive in Limousin.

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Valérie Pécresse, candidate for the Free Party! to a right-wing primary for the 2022 presidential election, made its political comeback on Saturday, August 28 in Brive. In Chiraquian lands, she estimated the same day in the morning on France Bleu Limousin that “the right can and must win the presidential election”. “The solutions of the right are those that the country expects, its ideas are the good ones and they are the majority in the country”, said the president of Île-de-France.

Before a speech in front of her supporters, Valérie Pécresse reaffirmed being “presidential candidate, not right-wing primary candidate”. “The primary is a way to decide between candidates if there is not a single natural candidate”, she continued. “I notice that there are candidates for ‘touch-and-go’ and, therefore, it makes sense to play together so that there is only one or only one at the end”, said Valérie Pécresse. To his eyes, “nothing more democratic than the primary to designate a single candidate”. “I will play collectively, I will accept all collective steps to save my family but I will go to the end because I am going to win”, she assured.

“My common thread is to restore French pride, and that also involves respect for the laws, by authority, by justice”, she said. “We need another presidency, a presidency that is much more collective, much more attentive to this terrain, to this deep France which feels so far removed from power”, estimated Valérie Pécresse, claiming her Chiraquian heritage. “It was Jacques Chirac who put me in the stirrup and taught me politics”, recalled the president of the Ile-de-France region, referring to Corrèze as her “adopted land” and his “refuge”.

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