Presidential 2022: Valérie Pécresse, a week to save the right

Valérie Pécresse must hold on until the end. Despite the unfavorable polls, despite the mockery of her style, despite the Covid-19 from which she was affected, forcing her to cancel her presence at an important meeting in Bordeaux, a week ago.

Next Sunday, a new decisive meeting awaits him: the “great gathering” at the Parc des expositions, Porte de Versailles in Paris. The opportunity for the candidate to erase her failed performance at the Paris Zenith, on February 13, and to prove that she is still in the race for the Élysée.

General mobilization on the right

The president of the Île-de-France regional council, relayed by her entourage, keeps repeating it: “I will be the surprise of the ballot. I have been surprised all my life: at the regionals in 2015, at the primary in 2021. Coué method, some would say. May be. Be that as it may, one thing is certain: always believing in it is a necessary condition to actually create the surprise. Necessary, of course, but not sufficient. In the meantime, the right is sounding the general mobilization.

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On Sunday, his “big rally” will be the antithesis of that of February 13. On the form, no more teleprompter, as is now his habit, and a dozen interventions embodying “all the faces of his alternating team», confides a loved one. Basically, no longer his vision of France or a catalog of measures, but a short and offensive speech on the political issues of the presidential election: show “that the real right is its program and not the Macronist standstill”and denounce “the extremist impasses of Éric Zemmour and Marine Le Pen”.

Security and purchasing power

This Thursday, March 31, the candidate also presented the calendar of “first hundred days of his quinquennium”. Objective: to prove the “operationality” of its “breakup plan”. After the legislative elections: a series of “pillar laws” on education, health, security and justice. Between the presidential election and the legislative elections: immediate measures, in particular a 3% increase in net salaries (10% in the long term), through a reduction in old-age insurance contributions, and a decree temporarily disconnecting the regulated tariff from electricity from the European tariff (indexed to the price of gas).

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Valérie Pécresse also intends to center the end of her campaign around two themes: order and purchasing power, which one of her supporters describes as “mother of all battles”. In short, it is no longer a question of attacking Emmanuel Macron on the discrepancy between his promises of neoliberal reforms and his balance sheet, but on the payroll of the French. This choice, one week before the ballot, sounds like a strategic revenge for Xavier Bertrand, no doubt with Bruno Retailleau the tenor who is most involved.

Parliamentary supports

Also this Thursday, LR deputies signed a collective platform in Le Figaro : “No, nothing is played. Who can believe the polls that have been so wrong in the past? (…) ? We are deeply convinced that our right-wing values ​​are the majority. » This initiative is not anecdotal for the candidate, because many parliamentarians do the minimum service.

In fact, the incumbents know it well: their fate in the June legislative elections is partly played out in the presidential election. One of them, Guillaume Larrivé, even assumed loud and clear what many are saying in a low voice. In Pointthis nostalgic Nicolas Sarkozy first confirmed that he will vote “fairly” for Valerie Pécresse. Above all, he then indicated that if it is eliminated, he will work for his political family to immediately ally with Emmanuel Macron.

In the background of this question hovers precisely the shadow of Nicolas Sarkozy. Except surprise, the former President of the Republic should not decide before the first round. Its position between the two towers will be all the more expected, whether Valérie Pécresse is there or not. If this is not the case, his support for Emmanuel Macron seems acquired. But how he does it will be decisive: simple preference for the center, in order to eliminate the extreme right or the left? Or real choice in favor of the candidate Macron?


The first days of a Pécresse presidency

The Republican candidate presented, Thursday, March 31, the first measures of her five-year term. In particular, there are plans for purchasing power, the ban on closing a class in rural areas without the mayor’s agreement, and the repeal of several texts deemed too lax: the Valls circular allowing the regularization of illegal immigrants, the circulars Belloubet on the judicial control of minors and on the execution of short sentences.

At the same time, many projects will be launched: a constitutional revision allowing, among other things, to open the way to a referendum on immigration in the fall; a first social and wage conference; an administrative simplification conference; a conference on local freedoms; an “Élysée de l’environnement”, based on the model of the Grenelle de l’environnement in 2007; an audit of public accounts, with priority given to the fight against fraud.


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