Presidential 2022: Valérie Pécresse is working to bounce back her campaign in Le Cannet

Catch-up oral for Valérie Pécresse. The LR candidate for the presidential election held Friday, February 18 in Cannet (Alpes-Maritimes) her second major campaign meeting, five days after the public meeting of the Zenith of Paris, criticized even in her camp.

“I am a free and indomitable woman, I will be serene in the storm, I will stay the course until the Elysée”launched Valérie Pécresse to the applause of 2,000 spectators.

In this LR bastion, the staging was more classic: young LRs seated on stage, several regional tenors intervening before her, two French and European flags in the background… Above all, Valérie Pécresse spoke without notes, pacing the podium and peppering of interpellations to the public his speech of almost an hour, far from the frozen attitude at the desk which had left a thwarted image at the Zenith.

In that speech, the losing candidate in the polls pounded Macronie, lamenting being “the target of all the attacks since January”. “It’s the ball of the hypocrites” with “a totally unhealthy game of LREM to raise the extremes” and ensure the re-election of Emmanuel Macron, she launched.

Describing herself as “the payroll candidate”, she lamented in her speech that retirees are the “sacrifices” of Macron’s five-year term and promised to restore the universality of family allowances.

“We are going to debureaucratize everything, simplify everything” in health, she assured before triggering applause with her firm speech on immigration, in the stronghold department of Eric Ciotti: end of land rights and family reunification automatic, asylum at the borders…

As “faithful heiress of General De Gaulle”, she also promised to “rehabilitate the referendum”, in particular on immigration and security, and to relaunch the popular initiative referendum.

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