Presidential 2022: “Xavier Bertrand gave assurances that he wished to participate” in the congress of nomination of the candidate, according to the vice-president of LR

“The parties are not dead, and the Republicans are not doing that badly”, assures Gilles Platret, seven months before the presidential election of 2022. The LR candidate must be nominated by the party’s members on December 4.

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“The rallying process is underway”, estimated this Saturday on franceinfo the vice-president of the Republican party, Gilles Platret. While LR members have ruled out the principle of a primary for that of a congress to nominate their candidate for the 2022 presidential election, the mayor of Chalon-sur-Saône declares that “Valérie Pécresse will participate” and “Xavier Bertrand gave assurances that he wished to participate”. “The parties are not dead, and the Republicans are not that bad.”

franceinfo: Are you relieved that this question has finally been resolved?

Gilles Platret: It was a capital step in our desire to ensure work-study for the country. Our political formation, the first opposition in France, had to be able to express itself. It did so without ambiguity, with a strong participation and a clear result, with barely 40% for a primary and 58% for a congress. It is the members who will therefore choose the candidate.

Will Valérie Pécresse and Xavier Bertrand participate in this congress?

The rallying process is underway since Valérie Pécresse has just announced that she will participate. We know that Xavier Bertrand gave assurances that he wanted to participate as well. Unsurprisingly, the candidates of the Republicans, Michel Barnier, Eric Ciotti and Philippe Juvin, will also participate. This means very concretely, that on December 4, at the end of this vote, the Republican right will have only one candidate for the presidential election.

Will Valérie Pécresse and Xavier Bertrand, who have left your party, be able to vote?

They will be able to vote if they join. Anyone who wants to vote elsewhere, can join the Republicans perfectly up to 15 days before the vote. We regretted the departures of Valérie Pécresse and Xavier Bertrand, but today, they return to the bosom of the political family to solicit the vote of the militants. I see a great lesson in this. Parties aren’t dead, and Republicans aren’t that bad. They are even at the center of the game in the designation of the sole candidate of the Republican right in the presidential election.

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