Presidential: “The climate must become the compass that must guide all public policies”, insists Greenpeace France

Jean-François Julliard, director general of Greenpeace France, believes this Saturday on franceinfo that the environmental issue must become “the compass that should guide all public policies”while more than 140 climate marches are taking place this Saturday in France.

franceinfo: Do ​​you still hope to put the climate back at the heart of the debates one month before the presidential election?

Jean-Francois Julliard: We hope, we will do everything for. The climate emergency is here. The indicators are in the red. However we measure the state of our planet and ecosystems, it’s wrong. It even gets worse and worse. Today we need to mobilize for this subject, and it is true that it has been complicated since the start of this presidential campaign which is in every way atypical. It is difficult to manage the climate issue and environmental issues. We hope that today’s marches will give new impetus to this theme, which really needs it. The idea is to show that the “climate marches” have not disappeared because there was the pandemic, that environmental organizations are mobilizing, and putting this subject back a little bit at the top of the political agenda and media.

A debate is organized on Sunday on Twitch, “The debate of the century”, at the initiative of Greenpeace among others: which candidates are participating?

For now, we have confirmation from Yannick Jadot, Anne Hidalgo, Philippe Poutou and Fabien Roussel. We still hope to convince some who are still hesitant and who have agenda problems. And we would like the candidates to make the effort to come. We are asking them for half an hour on climate issues, each and every one, for a debate which will certainly be the only one, unfortunately, devoted solely to environmental and climate issues.

How to explain the absence of ecology in this campaign?

There are many reasons. Some candidates do not place ecological issues at the heart of their program, so they do not want to talk about it because it is not their priority, they are not comfortable with the subject. Each time, we are told: “There are other subjects”, but they are related! Issues of the fight against social inequalities, economic issues, are intrinsically linked to environmental issues. The candidates should seize these subjects which are at the heart of the concerns of the French.

There are too many blind spots. If we do not put the climate at the center of social and societal issues, we will not be able to stem the climate crisis. The climate must become somewhat the compass that should guide all public policies to come during the next five-year period. We must make the link between the issue of the thermal renovation of buildings and the reduction of social inequalities, between the issue of the transformation of the agricultural model which is also necessary to have a lesser impact on the environment, the redefinition of our economic model and how we produce our goods. All these subjects are very linked, and it seems that some candidates are content to pick up a few elements there, and often that caricatures these debates.

You published a press release to emphasize that the proposals of Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon are going in the right direction: are you calling to vote for them?

No, we’re a nonpartisan organization. These are in the programs, in our view, the most ambitious proposals today to tackle the crisis. Afterwards, it is up to us to say to go and vote for such and such. It seems essential to us, a few weeks now before this first round, to say clearly that all the candidates need to have an ecological component because, precisely, it is at the heart of the concerns of the French.

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