Priyanka Chopra disclosed on marriage – at first she used to get upset

Priyanka Chopra is very happy in her married life. Her photographs with husband Nick on social media are proof of this. However, in a recent interview, she told that there was a time when she would become unconfirmed by thinking about marriage.

It was strange to think about marriage
In an interview to People magazine, Priyanka said that she has some values ​​which are now easier to accept. The PC stated that he is ambitious and has a soft side. He told that there was a time when getting married was very strange for him.

‘Nikayanka’ gives each other a lot of time
There was tremendous love between Priyanka and Nick Jonas, after which they got married on 1 December. The schedule of both the stars is quite busy, even after that both of them make time for each other. They also travel the world together.

Nick Jonas gave a special look to Karvachauth, took silver plate, Priyanka Chopra, Shiva idol behind

PC’s desi look shown on Karvachauth
Recently Priyanka Chopra posted cute pictures of her Karvachauth. Priyanka was seen in a traditional desi girl look. There was another photo that had Nick Jonas with him.


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