Professor Didier Raoult pursued by the medical order

A disciplinary section of the Order of Physicians will summon Professor Didier Raoult as part of a complaint launched last September by the French-speaking Society of Infectious Pathology (SPILF), we learned on Thursday.

In September, Le Figaro revealed the existence of this complaint against the popular doctor, in which the signatories believed that the scientist had violated nine articles of the code of medical ethics. According to The Parisian, the learned society would reproach Professor Raoult in particular for having delivered his treatment based on hydroxychloroquine without scientific data “clearly established on this subject, and in violation of the recommendations of the health authorities“, Referring to the prescription by the professor of”unproven therapies and drug combinations, at least ineffective, at worst dangerous“.

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The complainants would also reproach Didier Raoult for his positions “very sharp“, Which would have harmed”to the prevention and public health message“. Among the charges, a “violation of confraternity“, The dissemination of information”wrong“To the public, exposed”at unjustified risk“. Always according to The Parisian , the file accuses the professor of “quackery“. The complaint was transmitted by the Departmental Council of the Order in the Bouches-du-Rhône to the regional disciplinary section of PACA. It has six months to rule.

For Didier Raoult’s lawyer, “it is his calm and his resolve that his enemies cannot stand

Joined by Le Figaro, Me Di Vizio, lawyer of Didier Raoult, declares himself serene in front of a complaint launched “by a radical fringe of the profession, which harassed him“. “All this has gone beyond the realm of the rational. We will fight in law, to explain the behavior of the professor since the beginning of the crisis“, Projects the lawyer, for whom”compliance with the rules of the code of ethics by Didier Raoult is obviously total“.

The medical law specialist defends the activism and resolve of his client. “Didier Raoult obtained extraordinary results. He struggled, on his treatment but also on the tests, when other doctors maintained the psychosis, did not receive the patients … What they do not support is his calm attitude in this difficult time“, Underlines Fabrice Di Vizio, who also says to himself”amazed, as a doctor’s lawyer, to see the reluctance, the nervousness of some. Didier Raoult suffers death threats and insults every day from doctors. I also get some. It is the act of minorities, but why does the Order not act against these people?He wonders.

Regarding the criticisms of the famous professor’s media attitude (which are part of the grounds for the complaint), the lawyer counterattacks: “Let’s take into account the TV shows that have welcomed scientists and doctors who are violently opposed to Raoult!“. Would the action then translate a form of professional jealousy? “We are in France“, The lawyer quips:” JI have seen for many years brilliant doctors emigrate, saying how unbearable the situation is in France, with these lawsuits for anything and everything”, Instead of constructive scientific debates.

The French medical landerneau knows deep divisions on the question of the treatment delivered by the professor, and his global action in the Covid-19 crisis. In a column published by Le Figaro , nearly 200 doctors and scientists had thus taken the defense of Doctor Raoult in response to the complaint of the SPILF. “Nothing justifies this obstinacy in demolishing, in principle, this researcher», Notably declared the signatories.


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